15 US Universities That Offer International Scholarships

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Are you interested in studying for free in the United States? The US government offers many scholarships for international students studying in the USA. We have compiled a list highlighting the top universities in America that offer full scholarships for international students.

The United States is a top destination for students looking for a high-quality, internationally recognized education. However, most schools in the country are too expensive despite other cities offering low tuition costs for students.

This article will discuss 15 universities that offer full scholarships for international students to the USA, where they can pursue a wide range of degrees.

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Why study as an international student in America

These are reasons why most students want to study in the US.

#1. The United States has some of the most prestigious universities

Students choose to study in the United States because of its reputation for high-quality higher education institutions.

The United States hosts approximately half of the top 50 colleges in the world. They are home to highly-respected academics as well as cutting-edge research and technology.

A degree from one of the world’s most prestigious higher education institutions will make you stand out from other people with similar work experiences and backgrounds.

#2. Well-known academic excellence

The United States is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Many of these institutions are consistently ranked high in international university rankings.

#3. A well-socialized campus lifestyle

Campus life in America is unrivaled, and it is a well-known fact. No matter what University you choose, you will experience new cultural experiences as well as the American way of living. Accept it, and be open to learning from other cultures and people.

#4. Liberal educational system

Many courses and programs are offered by colleges and universities in the United States. You are in complete control of both the content and the organization of your system.

You can take as many courses as you like at the undergraduate level before you choose a major in your second year.

This allows you to research your topic of interest in detail and make informed decisions without feeling pressured. Similar to this, you can choose which topics you are interested in graduate studies. When it comes time to write your dissertation, you can focus on the themes that you wish to highlight.

#5. International students have accessed an excellent support system

The United States has many universities that recognize the challenges faced by international students. They offer workshops and orientation programs to help them.

The international student office supports students like you in adapting to a new life. It is available 24 hours a Day, seven days a semaine.

How international students in the US can receive fully-funded scholarships

Different institutions have different requirements. However, most schools require you to score well on English proficiency tests like the TOEFL or IELTS. They also need appropriate tests such as the SAT/ACT for undergraduate students and the GRE for a graduate student. You will need to get outstanding grades and recommend them.

Not all international students who meet these criteria receive fully-funded scholarships.

There were many international students who qualified for the limited number of seats. You will need to make extra efforts to apply for this scholarship to increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship at a US university. You can apply for scholarships to African students in the USA if you’re a student of Africa.

Are international students eligible for fully-funded scholarships in the USA?

Nearly every University offers a scholarship program. Most of these scholarships are available to international students, though you might need to take the SAT/ACT.

Each year, over 600 American universities offer scholarships to international students worth $20,000 or more. These institutions are described in detail below.

15 universities offering full scholarships to international students in America

Here are the top universities in America that offer full scholarships for international students:

#1. Harvard University

Harvard University offers full scholarships to international students as well as masters and doctoral scholarships. Graduate scholarships are awarded on merit, while undergraduate scholarships are awarded on the basis of need. Graduate scholarships include teaching assistantships and research assistantships.

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#2. Yale University

Yale University is another prominent university in the United States.

Yale University offers undergraduate scholarships based on need, as well as Masters, Ph.D. fellowships, and assistantships.


#3. Princeton University

Full-ride scholarships are available to many international undergraduate students at Princeton University. These scholarships cover tuition, lodging, and board. These scholarships are given to undergraduates based on financial needs.

As with all students at other institutions, master’s and doctoral students receive financial aid in the form of fellowships and assistantships.

#4. Stanford University

Stanford University in California is a top-ranked research university.

Because of their large endowment and research funding, they offer enormous amounts of money to both undergraduate and graduate students.

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#5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a top college in STEM fields. International students can receive large scholarships from MIT, which allows them to attend America’s top universities.

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#6. Duke University

Duke Institution is a highly regarded private university located in North Carolina, United States.

The University offers full financial assistance to undergraduate students as well as fully-paid assistantships and fellowships to Masters and Ph.D. candidates.


#7. Agnes Scott College

Marvin B. Perry Presidential scholarships are full-ride scholarships that cover tuition, lodging,, and board for up four years at Agness Scott College.

The scholarship is worth approximately $230,000 and is available to international and domestic students.


#8. Hendrix College

Each year, four Hendrix College students are eligible for the Hays Memorial Scholarships. The scholarship, which is more than $200,000, covers four years of tuition, room,, and board. You must submit your application by November 15, and you must have a minimum 3.6 GPA and anan ACT/SAT score of 32/1430.


#9. Barry University

Barry University’s Stamp Scholarships are four-year fully funded scholarships that cover tuition and accommodation as well as board, books, transportation, and a $6,000 stipend to be used for educational expenses like internships or studying abroad.

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#10. Illinois Wesleyan University

International students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Illinois Wesleyan University may apply for merit-based or Presidential scholarships.

International applicants who have exceptional academic achievements and high scores on the relevant entrance exams are eligible to receive merit-based awards.

These prizes can be renewed for up to 4 years. They range from $10,000 to $25,000 annually. In some cases, student loans or on-campus employment can provide additional assistance. Two full-tuition President’s International Student Scholarships are also available.

The Illinois Wesleyan University President’s Scholarship is renewable for up four years.

#11. University of California

Undergraduate merit scholarships at the Institute of International Studies at the University of California are available to encourage undergraduate research in any area of international studies.

There are many options for independent research, research with an honours thesis or research while abroad.

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Clark University’s commitment to providing an education that is rigorous and with a global outlook continues with the Global Scholars Program.

The Global Scholars Initiative (GSP), a program that allows students from overseas to show leadership skills in their communities before coming to Clark, is unique.

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#13. North Dakota State University

Prospective international students can apply for the Academic and Cultural Sharing Scholarship if they have just started their first year at university. They will be able to share their culture with U.S. faculty, staff, students, and community members in educationally and culturally advantageous activities.


#14. Emory University

Campus scholar communities are designed to help individuals reach their full potential. They also aim to have an impact on Atlanta and the wider community through providing tools and support.

Emory University’s Emory University Scholar Programs offer undergraduate students partial or full merit-based scholarships.

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#15. Iowa State University

Iowa State University strives to attract diverse and highly skilled students.

International Merit Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate strong academic achievement and outstanding talent or achievements.


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